About us


Ministry of Clothing Pte Ltd was formed in 2008 with a new marketing format that responds to the demands of a sector of teenagers and young adults who are interested and highly aware of new fashion trends. To ensure best value for dollar and design exclusivity, Ministry of Clothing Pte Ltd adapts a business module which allows for control of the entire business process – from planning and designing to material procurement and sales.

 Inspired by the fast paced, ever-changing youth fashion, Ministry of Clothing Pte Ltd formed M.O.C as a brand to meet the needs of young fashionistas! Our brand pillars of fashion excitement, value and freshness are the core of everything we do. M.O.C is passionately devoted to producing stylish, quality clothing. Our ranges are heavily inspired by vintage, rock and roll, classic 80s, hip hop and graphic street styled clothing. M.O.C presents itself as a reference for fashion targeting this increasingly demanding sector.

 Ministry of Clothing Pte Ltd decided to open its first M.O.C flagship store at Peninsula Shopping Centre, City Hall, centrally located and easily accessible to shoppers all over Singapore. M.O.C currently occupies a substantial retail sales area around the compound, where the shoppers are encouraged to shop freely.

 M.O.C goes the extra mile to make sure our customers are updated in terms of fashion. M.O.C uses its flexible business model to adapt to any changes occurring during the seasons, responding to them by bringing new products to the stores within the shortest possible time. The models for each season are designed entirely by our creative teams, who keep in mind customer feedback as well as the fashion trends prevailing in the market.

 M.O.C brings you the latest international fashion wear in terms of casual & formal. We cater to all your fashion needs, whether it’s a relaxed and casual Sunday, or the big prom night affair. M.O.C collections are conceived with the idea of dressing men and women with a young mindset, taking into account that age is not an obstacle when choosing our wardrobe.

 The M.O.C design team consists of teenagers and young adults who are continuously assessing the needs, desires and demands of consumers, and offering more than 5,000 different products in their shops each year.

 We deliver irresistible fashion at brilliant prices!

 Ministry of Clothing Pte Ltd believes itself to be the next upcoming youth fashion house and to offer customers the best possible mix of fashion, designs, quality and value. But that’s not all; M.O.C is unique and dedicated to giving its customers what they want.

M.O.C does not sell clothes; M.O.C sets out to inspire customers; giving them the freedom to find their own style, to play by their own rules allowing them to wear what they want to wear


At Ministry Of Clothing we’re all working towards the same goal: to help you find the products you’re looking for and to ensure you receive the best customer service possible. So whether you’re on our website or Flagship store, your shopping experience with Ministry of clothing will be the highlight of your day. Simple.